Marissa L., Chicago, IL

I was a yo-yo dieter. I would eat well, and manage my portions, and would lose weight, but would always feel hungry. Because of that hunger, I would convince myself that I could eat more, and then inevitably regain all the weight that I lost. With the appetite control healthEAR, I don’t feel hungry anymore! What a huge help this has been. I have been at my target weight for longer than I have ever been, and I know it’s because of this device.

Bill H., Orange County, CA

My wife made me try the quit smoking one. She had the appetite one, and lost 10 pounds on it. I was very reluctant because I didn’t want to walk around with a piece of silicone in my ear, but after seeing what it did to her, I was willing to try it. It wasn’t too uncomfortable, just a little sore when you push on it. I successfully quit smoking in 2 weeks. After I quit, I started gaining weight, so I ordered the appetite one too. I had to work a little harder with the appetite one because even the device makes your hunger go away, if it’s good food, I will still eat it. So it was more difficult, but I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been if I didn’t have the device! Neat concept!

Sam W., Atlanta, GA

I hate public speaking. But for my job, once in a while, I have to give presentations. I would feel anxious and nauseated, and sweat heavily. One of my friends, who had tried another healthEAR product, told me about their stress relief device. What a life saver! I put it in for a few minutes before my presentation, and then put it in again after my presentation. I still get nervous and sometimes jittery, and it’s SO much better! It really helps me to calm down, and I can feel my heart rate returning to normal much quicker with the device.

Stephanie B., Galveston, TX

Who would have thought some nobs in your ear could affect your appetite? I definitely feel less hungry, and eat less whenever I wear it. It also says it speeds up your metabolism – I don’t know if it actually did, since I don’t know how to measure it, but I lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks! I was doubtful that it would work, but I am a believer now. HealthEAR: can you make one to increase my libido?

Jordan R., Miami, FL

There are some people that just get on my nerves. When I know I have to deal with those people, I put in my Stress Relief Device. It keeps me calm and I am not quite as angry after dealing with them. Or after I am already flipping mad, I will wear it, and it will help me to calm down. Pretty cool – I always make sure to have it handy now.

Elissa A., Ft Worth, TX

I am always so tense after my commute. It would get me so angry that I would be annoyed for hours, and snap at my kids when I would get home. My friend suggested that I try the Stress Relief device from healthear to help me relax. I wear it during my commute home, and now both my kids think I am a much more pleasant person! Where else can you get stress relief to work this fast without a pill? What a great product!